The Kinder Surprise Experiment is scientifically conducted by the two physicists and Kinder Surprise Egg lovers Giovanna and Danilo. The purpose of the experiment is to analyze the variety of Kinder Surprise embedded toys and possibly the variance of them when related to geographical location. All results will be published here on an (almost) daily basis.

Friday, October 04, 2013


2013 Rant - KS Story thus far (and unfortunately - it appears - onward)

This year Kinder has graced us with yet another overload of banal and almost totally irrelevant toys.

=> Little things to be thrown.

Not in the garbage shoot/bin; the KS they do not want you to do that. But, instead: from one kid to another.

[However, the argument can be made for the former option]

Whatever happened with the good old toys suitable for personal/solo playing!?

Where are the little cars that wind-up and drive themselves for a meter or two?, little planes that are simply not theoretical models of one, but ones that you need to attach wheels, and wings to, and connect the body with the tail?

Instead, we are into the realm of  little "planes", little frisbees, little ball-like thingies, some little (but larger than the egg itself, naturally) this, some little that. All about passing the thing from one hand to another.

However, and this is the central issue of this toyistic problem: kids DO NOT play with KSE toys like this - not outside, not indoors.

If they do, then - they are doing it in hiding; maybe because it is simply embarrassing to be seen with them.
[via observational inquiry into and of the regularly used daily reality]

In line with the set-up of experimental exploration with which this blog occupies itself: it was noticed that the quality still is higher in Europe (tested sample: Germany) than in Canada. But, not in the sense that the toys are better there.

At least they do not seem to be right now.

Instead, they are less flimsy, and the quality of the construction material is better.

It is not surprising that KS keep on surprising us, but reality of troublesome kinder surprises is upon us indeed. More will be said about this dramatic, and unexpected, turn of events.

Right now it is preferable to play with the yellow capsule like suggested below; as this offers more fun and giggles than anything found within the KS.

It is important to note that other shocking things have happened within the KS world this year, but we will get to them. And the year is not over yet.

Danilo - Chief 1/2 of the Experimenting Team

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Non-analytical Note => Announcement ADDENDUM

It is a standard expectation that the announcement will be followed by that which is announced. But certainly not after a period of 2 or more months, but rather much much sooner.

That has not been the case here. Please do forgive.
Furthermore, forgive that the new post (i.e., one with relevant new information) is still not here.

Namely, experiments have been put on hold since then to the near (week or 2 from now) future. Only because the KSExperiment HQ members have been busy with all sorts of end of the year issues.

Anyhow, it must be noted that during that period several things have been changed in relation to the original announcement.

Namely, Spain fell off the list of countries to be included in the experimentative mix while Hong Kong and Thailand have been confirmed (provided that eggs are found there - this in process as of right now).

Further: Mauritius and Germany are under "?" status; no word from the field explorers. They are alive and well, but they still have not reported to the HQ. They will be reprimanded for lack of prompt activity.

And finally some really good news - another country has been negotiated for inclusion in the experimentation. Please see below:

Looking forward to providing these results for veneratius publicus.

Danilo the 1/2 of Head-Experimenting team.

Friday, October 13, 2006


Non-analytical Note => Announcement

Dear inquisitive minds who have stumbled (purposefully or accidentally) onto this location in the realm of webistic excursions of the mind // to be more exact - those of you who care about the issue of current vs. former state of KSE's and are reading this report like some other analytical reports present here:

Note that this will not be and is not an analytical report.
The title indicates as much.
And adds that something will be announced.

That something is the following:

Experimentational Analysis of KS toys has been conducted upon the factor (guideline) of organized randomness so far. In the sense that typically 1 egg per carton was picked and its internal quality assessed.

Such method was qualified as appropriate on the basis that:
a) Kinder Surprise Eggs are produced seasonally; i.e. every year a specific batch is offered
b) Nature of KSE purchases in general is a random choice from the displayed carton
c) Necessity lays in emphasizing how random picking of present-day eggs yields a likely dissatisfaction in comparison to equivalently conducted purchases in the past.

Such procedure will be continued.

Furthermore, and as a conclusion to the previously mentioned abc's, the factor of geographical variance has been chosen as the underlying nature of the project; in order to determine if the changes (past vs. present) are being experienced globally.

So far Italian and Canadian KS eggs were predominantly analyzed.
But the expansion is in the works.

As such, it is my pleasure to announce that:

1. The following countries' offers are already being analyzed in the Kinder Surprise Experiment HQ

2. This set is in the process of acquisition

and finally

3. This a list of countries being negotiated

It is expected and hoped-for that other countries will be added to the list of crucial experimental procedures in KSE HQ.

Thanks to all the research assistants, and best of insights to all the readers.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Analysis of a Grecian Offering to the KS Experiment

While the announced is being waited on (photo proofs are on their way), other things trickled in, and rather to put them in the backfill, where space is getting to be more crammed as each day passes - I bring it out in the open.

However, a little prologue is required.

Namely, experimenting is a dynamic field. It is always good to have a partner, and then there is the administration, and a supervisor, and supporting cast/research assistants: maybe fellow experimenters, maybe those cherishing the higher (read: objective) form of truth.

It is that in needed expansionary and almost-all encompassing modes of experimentation that Experimentista Danilo decided to seek assistance.

The most recent one came in the help of Dragana via her friend, who provided me with the insight into the current Hellenic affairs.

Namely, an egg from those parts was sought, and one was bought. Of course, it would have been over-the-top and absolutely unnecessary (if chocolate-thirst is put aside) that the egg in whole would reach the KSE HQ. After all, it would have melted on the way, and that would have most likely affected the analysis.

Instead, the agile research assistant provided us with high-quality photographic evidence of the "find"; which, it should be noted was not a Kinder Surprise Egg, but an alternate option - "Kinder Joy".

This KS product is similar to standard egg insomuch that the chocolate tastes the same (stomach witness on hand), and that the toy is alike all others.


Not much more should be said, but professional course KSE HQ decided to take, forces us to endure the shock, and carry on.

Namely, KJ consists of a chocolate covered set of 2 halves: So, that the toy and its "manual" were appropriated in two containers, instead of the usual one. Not a big difference, and basically the only one if one considers the plastified outer shell as a 1st cousin to the foil that encloses the chocolate of KS eggs.

For the rest, Kinder Joy does not seem to offer much of the supposedly inherent joy. The obtained toy, although one would expect much from a special line of Kinder production, was nothing but a regular piece. A "musical note-person", from a very large set that spans more than do-re-mi-fi-so-la-si-do. Rather unimpressive (regardless of the collectionary issue at stake once again), as one would really wish to obtain something joyous and not so regular from a special offer.

Grecian gods may or may not be displeased, but the joy of a kid opening something that has an intriguing ? sign all over the package will certainly lack in this case. As such, poor mark must be given, and a poor mark is therefore assigned.

Glossary of terms:
Mark = a measure of merit
Grecian/Hellenic - originating and coming from Greece
Poor = low in quality
Quality - a measure of objective respect appropriated for a specific KS item

Signing off,
D the E

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Investigative Conclusion

KSEs are not a product of Big Brother (of the Orwellian kind), and thus notion that 1+2=3 is not prohibited. And considering that logic is the basis for 1 and 2, then a combination of these should not give a result that is any less so.

Namely, as it was shown in 2 posts ( IR No.1 - Aug 19, 2006 and IR No.2 - Sept 24, 2006 ), sets and need for collecting these, are the predominant notions in the world of KSEs as well as in other "surprise" eggs.

Why!? Question, regardless of its depth, cannot be answered in concrete terms because the choice of such production is behind closed doors. However, the answer can be approximated by the assessment of the driving force - the economics of profitability.

In the world of consumer production, in order to guarantee a profitable reaction each action must be of the lure-type; i.e. it must increase the possibility that the buyer will return.

And recognizing the latest human trend: the need for completeness, Kinder Surprise production team worked it out that it is appropriately wise to offer toys that interconnect and are "more" interesting when fully brothered/sistered-up; or even to simply indicate that such and such toy has 2-3 more of compatriots. So that if you love a boat, or a car, or a bird with magnifying lens, or a tree (what was Kinder thinking in this case!?), or a monster, or a ghost on wheels, or a knight with a tent, or an alien, or unlikely members of a castle - you will certainly like to get the other 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or however many there are, albeit the fact that they look very much alike.

The following examples nicely illustrate the point. Clockwise: 1.3 Boats 2.Monster House 3.4 Knights with Tents 4.2 Magnifying Lenses 5.Castle People

This is truly a sad, and yet consistent, state of affairs. There was not a single toy I have received in the last 2 years that was not attached to a set of a kind. If my memory serves me well - special sets existed only as a special treat and with special characters. If a car was received - there was never an announcement that there is another one in that year's batch. And for a good reason! Actually, for a truly definitely very good reason - each toy was a surprise! That is the essence of these little ones. They still are, but less so. As it can be understood that there are 6 more monsters, 2 more boats, 3 more knights, etc.

Do you want to lower the surprising effect of the surprise or to experience such a thing? I certainly do not, and would expect every KS lover to be of the same opinion. Yet, either we are at a mercy of our beloved item, or we simply stopped caring, or worst yet! our apetites indeed have changed and we appreciate a collectionary role rather than that of a player.

Shame for and shame on both parties.

Danilo - Chief of 1 half of the Experimenting Team

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Investigative Report No.2 - Choosing different Sameness

A country is a large space. The world is even bigger.

So, moving from one city to another, from one country to another will always give different experiences, different offers (which are circularly connected with the former). But, since we are all humans what will be encountered is essentially a slight variation of the original; recycling of the idea. And because the ideas are usually copyrighted - some modification is made and thus a new product is yielded.

The same applies to KSEs.

Originally, and still at least theoretically, idea of having a toy inside a capsule surrounded by wonderful chocolate egg of the edible kind is simply marvelous. Now, having established through documented decades of positive (read: profitable) experience that KSE factory underwent, other - "renegade" - factories appeared.

Indeed, if the idea works, why not (re)produce it locally!?

e.g. Turkish-produced Balaban
These have been encountered in Montreal, and if there they must be elsewhere. But, that is not the point. The mere existence of the regular chocolate egg with yellow capsule with incisions on top of each end is. The toy from a randomly chosen egg was quite decent - a formula car containing 11 pieces - far better than anything seen lately amongst KSE ideas. Although the pieces' grooves and bolts were a bit hard to combine, once finalized (and instruction was somewhat a necessary guide!) the toy was bigger than the capsule, considering its length. And it was playable; i.e., the idea of a vehicle was exactly that - only on the mini, toy scale.

Furthermore - if licensing with one element (toy/character/image) is out of reach - another and others will be not. Or vice versa - it is actually possible that the company owning specific line of images cannot induce KSE to support it, whereas another will gladly do it.

e.g. Italian Zaini
Produced in the neighborhood of KSE, this type of chocolate egg with a surprise toy inside the capsule consists of the following:
- chocolate egg which is 1/2 totally white and 1/2 regular chocolate
- the capsule is KSE standard size, but one half is green and the other white
- the toy is not of the building kind; it is a part of the collection*
* this time it was one of the Winnie the Pooh (series of 10) characters, but further research showed that other WD lines are existent

It is hard to infer from a single example of each of the alternate chocolate surprise eggs if they are better or worse, or far from either, than the original KSEs. One can only note that idea of collecting is definitely out there (Zaini) and that idea of a toy inside a capsule inside a chocolate is still functional.

How will the alternate companies fare against KSE and how will KSE fare in general remains to be seen. Only certainty is that the offerings are increasing, albeit their similarity.

D, the E

NOTE: pictures relating to above-mentioned examples are in process/ update coming soon

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Investigative Report No.1

The topic is as previously mentioned => the latest trend of having lots of 100 or more (or a bit less) being sold on Ebay at spectacular prices in the pre-bidding stage.

Now, why should this been as an at least somewhat insane purchase idea?, and why could people achieve by engaging in such an acivity of receiving a large lot of toys that need to be assembled.

Mind you - if someone offered a lot of old toys, all would be ideal. The old toys were good, and were meant to be played with; hence the term "toys". However, it is our observation that last several years, and potentially some years beforehand, offered toys that are be to collected, to be organized as sets.

This means that the nature of interaction with KSEs has changed.

Getting back to Ebay sellers, who are certainly offering a well-arranged idea; one must realize that buying a lot of 100 or so toys will certainly not give extra pleassure in the realm of playing with toys. A kid will certainly not have the capability to buy such a lot, and kid's parents will certainly not go into oversaturation of their kid. So, that leaves us with a group of a bit older "kids", who are collectors and nothing else. Because, it is only under such circumstances that the buying of a lot makes sense; there may be a toy you need but could not get within someone else's collection (which is for sale!), so that a financial splash improves your chaces of completing the set - whether it is the 4 3D trees, or 26 note-people, or...well it does not matter.

Playing with the toys you own cannot be improved with the purchase of another hundred from someone else; buying them for the purpose of seeking for one specific piece can -> this is simple reasoning. Hence, with the incorporation of the basics of economics in this issue: the sale of an item exists only because there is a high likelyhood that someone will make a purchase, it can be maintained that people who will buy KSE toys are out there. And, observing the deeper logical reason why would they buy it leaves us with sad understanding that collecting has become the new playing and that may be heart of dimished toy qualtiy in KSEs, which coincidentally are being produced in insanely large sets.

Collecting is the new playing. Unfortunately, this applies to KSEs as well.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Intro to Investigative Report(s)

It is not my nature to write what will be offered here; having written over 50 experimental reports during schooling and then some more beyond (author's note: for further understanding of this statement, please see archive of this blog) I can consider myself to be an experimenter, and not a journalist.

Yet journalistic report is what is required, and as a true scientist I submit myself to the need for open-mindedness and acceptance of different formats. However, the experimental mode of oiur investigation will resume soon.

Some items are already ready for review, and the factor of geographical variance will be more so assessed.

But, I have spent enough time prologuing.
The drammatic items of interest are as follows:

1. Sales of capsule+toy lots (on the order of 50, 100, etc) on Ebay
2. Ever-increasing amount of appearing non-KSEs with the same formula (chocolate+capsule+toy)

1+2 => 3. Collecting (now) vs. playing (the past)

These topics will be duly dissected. For now, it was important to establish the initial expansion of the awareness.

Soon, soon the editorials about the above-mentioned topics will come.
Bare a bit longer.

Thank you.

Signing off,
D the E


Posting the Posts

Soon; is today soon enough!?
Because, today it will happen.

But. Which way and what way and whose way will be implemented - I do not know.
Everything is veiled in secrecy.
Just like the info provided by infamous Leader of the Nouvion branch of the French Resistance Michelle (from Allo, Allo). As such, listen carefully - I will be saying this only once.

Once posted, the thing will not be changed.
Grammar and other little nuisances of language life will be in being, as there is no time to be cutsy and sweet.
We are on the front of something very important and very large.
And opposing fractions are mulling around.

We must not let them touch us again.
They surely will watch, but we will make sure that is all they do.
--> Short inputs, a cut, and reemergence of words in burstful manner; we must act like that.

Vive la Kinder Re(tro)sistance!

Monday, August 14, 2006


Needed Info

Things have happened! Our last post, which included inside information about the thought and design process at the KSHQ brought upon us a terrible demise. Demise of physically altering nature.

Namely, our insider information was right; it was dot-on. The dialogue about the "Blue Giant" did go as supposed; However, it was believed that having commentary provided in the manner of imaginative play - it will not be taken seriously by the bad guys.

Instead, they read through our mask, and went after us. Reality was much too close to the reality.

We have been threatened! We have been advised to stop analyzing the toys. One of the methods of conviction included alterations as presented in the photo:

It was only a search for a secure server, and thus unobstructed resistance work that held us up from continuing our experiment. Experiment as a quest for the truth! We cannot allow the public to be unaware of how things are deteriorating inside the plastic capsules embedded in still nicely tasting chocolate. We do not wish only for the chocolate to be good. We want the return of KSE totality to true form!

Vive la retro Kinder!

Sunday, August 28, 2005


Experiment No.12 - Friendly Blue Sort of Giant on Wheels

Location: 11 land-hours northward of NYC

"Wow, blue. Excellent!; what a thought! Once realized, this will be a killer toy. OK, so we will have this piece in blue, and this one, also this one, aaand this one will be blue too - but to distinguish it as a bottom part, we will put wheels on it. Perfect. So, what do we get? Aaaa, mmm - yes! Blue, sort of a giant that can move like a car as his feet are wheels.
But, I am thinking that the whole thing might look too blue now. Hmmm, maybe by adding something - reddish for example will make things better. Sure it will; having finished the design school (my job is secure with such academic background) I have learned that whole 2 colours are better than just one. So, to the final touch we go...I know! As I am sure that the series with gnomes on animals was a huge hit, I will repeat the same trick => the red piece will actually be a gnome, placed on giant's lap.

Now, this is quite something! A toy that can be pushed around like a car, and it is also a friendly looking giant...and if a kid gets scared by it (despite its stupid grin) there is also a gnome. So if the kids are scared of one, there is the other to ease their minds.
And, of course - this can easily be extended into a series:
Giantish creatures on wheels!
Altogether brilliant work, I must say."

"Puke, puke, gasp, arg, gaaasp, aarghh//-------------------------"

ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTE: Experimentista in charge of this experimental report had to be taken to the hospital due to interaction with ridiculous stupidity that this toy radiates with. Careful analysis of notes and last comments left behind by experimentista Danilo helped us yield the conclusion that this experiment deserves Mark = 0